Professional Landscaping Maintenance for Strata & Commercial Properties

Environmental Policy

Cedrus Landscaping Inc. is committed to continually improving and promoting sound and responsible environmental practice, pollution prevention, and conservation of resources. Environmental protection is more than just a strategic business issue – it is an integral part of our overall approach. Our employees adhere to applicable environmental laws and regulations and work according to industry standards, in particular regarding weed control and transmission of invasive species.

To promote plant health, our approach with every pesticide and herbicide application is one of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), as outlined by the British Columbia Landscape and Nursery Association (BCLNA) . We utilize pheromone traps and biological pesticides to both assist in minimizing pest problems and to attract beneficial insects, which in turn control pests. Pesticides are used as a last resort and only after all IPM procedures have proved ineffective. We use only organic fertilizers and favour biological control methods over chemicals whenever possible.

All trimmings and clippings generated by our maintenance work are brought to local transfer stations where they are composted into bark mulch and other soil products. These products are then applied on ours and other sites throughout the Lower Mainland. Use of these recycled plant products foster moisture retention and reduce the need for excess watering during hot summer months. They also keep plants healthy by releasing nutrients as they decompose. Good stuff!

Cedrus Landscaping Inc. sets environmental objectives for its business activities and we review them quarterly. We’re genuinely committed to upholding the highest standard for our clients with minimal effect on the environment.

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